Our Story

Ireeya is focused on providing the utmost care and comfort to newborns through our range
of eco-friendly baby products. Our product line showcases an eclectic collection of hand-woven cotton muslin, organic cotton muslin and hypoallergenic bamboo products. All products are made of 100% natural fabric. We offer a range of breathable cotton products, which helps to protect the tender skin of newborns and infants. All dyes used for printing are completely Azo compound free.

  • Infant Swaddling Techniques

    Perfect the art of swaddling! Learn about the different infact swaddling techniques.

  • Newborn Sleep Care

    Worried about how your new-born sleeps are night? Know all about the your new-born's sleep care!

  • Diaper Bag Essentials

    Comprehensive list of things you absolutely need in your diaper bag during travel!